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Download WAT Remover Free: Instant and Free Download So, if you were looking to get the problem solved just by downloading and using a little app, then you came to the right place. You don’t even need to crack your windows, as disabling your WAT will correct the issue and solve the problem – you can even download official Windows Updates from Microsoft, as your windows copy will be activated forever and it will be seen as a legal copy of Windows 7 as long as you use it and keep the WAT de-activated. If you ever get your hands on a legitimate serial, just re-activate the WAT and verify Windows – it’s simple.
Remove WAT: Easy and Quick Way to Get Rid of That Warning The Windows 7 and its Windows Activation Checker (or WAT) will sometimes get you crazy over its warnings of you not owning a genuine copy, and it will flaunt around a warning that you only have a 30 days trial period and all of those problems you might be facing if you came to this page. Well, this WAT Remover, made specifically for Windows 7, is going to get those problems down the gutter in under a minute – it is really easy to use and highly effective, you won’t have to worry about those problems anymore…
How do I work with the WAT Remover? You just have to run the WAT Remover. When you run it, there will be a button on the app’s window that says: “Remove WAT”. Click that button and restart your computer – your WAT will be gone. If you wish to re-activate your WAT you can do so at any time by running the WAT Remover tool again, clicking on “Restore WAT”. It’s that simple – easy and effective!